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What Are Text Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games?

Usually an online script in text and picture format (not like 3D animation) runs you through a Scenario or Campaign with other Players online.
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More About MMORPGs

We primarily run one specific online MMORPG at the moment:
Ruler of Kings

In the past, we've ren many different genres of MMORPGs but have since pulled them offline until we can better upgrade the code associated with them. These are just the archived pages:

Emperor of Asia
Future Earth
Germany 1939
Jerusalem Conquest

We have a specific Board for all our MMORPGs:
Text MMORPG Board

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Latest RPG Post

A Sentimental Value: Herb Kit

On the day I left the forest, I had all but finished packing, spare clothes, comb, provisions and more. I remember looking around the room and spotting the kit, it's leather worn and faded, buckles tarnished and dull.

On seeing it, a memory slipped to my mind unbidden. The stinging where I had scraped the skin from my knee when I had slipped from the low branches of a tree outside. I recalled seeing the blood and feeling so incredibly scared, holding back tears and trying very hard to be brave.

I could not remember how old I was, but since I had been playing out, and not invested in chores, I must have been very small. I couldnt help but smile as I thought back to that tree. It felt like I was on top of the world, and that I had fallen so very far, but really, it couldnt have been more than a few feet.

My mother then, without reproach taking the kit, mixing a salve and applying it to my knee before pressing a warm poultice down, telling me to hold it steady. I remembered the smell of the medicinal herbs so clearly.

I half thought that there maybe other more important things to take, but the kit felt important. Not just useful, but I felt an emotional attachment to it. A last link to my mother.

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