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What Is Medieval?

The Medieval fantasy period refers to the "Dark Ages" or "Middle Ages" where knights, monsters and wizards were all common folk. On World of Medieval you can see the various kinds of Medieval based RPGs we offer.
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Dragons have always been a big part of Medieval Lore.

About Medieval Text Gaming

We have different types of Medieval RPGs:

1. In-house Custom
2. Start Your Own / Member Wars
3. Start Now (MMORPG)

1. In-house Custom - We are always looking for enthusiastic Players and experienced Game Masters. Start here: How To Find The RPG That Fits Me?

2. Start Your Own - Are you a Game Master? We have some features that allow you to use our Forum to start your own Scenario. You can also use our script to do battles if your game is not all text. To start your own read: How To Be A Game Master.

3. Start Now (MMORPG) - This is for those who may not want to role-play fully. It allows you to start right away after registering. See: Ruler of Kings.

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Velon leaves Varram to Perry and Lia and focuses on the other living prisoner. He inspects the human's health situation a bit before healing him for 1HP via Lay on Hands and cutting him down and dragging him over to the far side of the newly erected fort.

"How's it going everyone? Any sign of the mask? I hope everyone is doing something to help out right now! Where's Poppo?"

The paladin keeps dragging the human captive as he calls out to the party. "Niko, can you give me a hand here?"

"Ok princess, here's the deal. We're strongly considering letting ONE of you live. Whoever tells me what I want to know first, and I actually believe of course, wins! Doesn't that sound like a fun game? So what do you have for me? Tell me about trying to use the pool in the other room there. Tell me about where the white mask is? Who's at the heads of all of these cults at the Well? Come on, it'll be fun! I'm rooting for you, I don't really like the dwarf. Better hurry up though, the talented bard over there will likely have Varram singing soon and that would be very bad for you."

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