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What Is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction refers to future technologies. Or fantasy based on science or hereafter prediction. See: Future Earth PBP RPG
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Sci-fi increases your imagination.

About Sci-fi Text Gaming

We have different types of Scifi RPGs:

1. In-house Custom
2. Start Your Own / Member Wars

1. In-house Custom - See available RPGs: Science Fiction RPG Board

2. Start Your Own - We have some features that allow you to use our Forum to start your own Sci-fi Scenario. You can also use our script to do battles if your game is not all text. To start your own read: How To Be A GM.

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The group proceeds past the glowering trolls and up into the main chamber. It would seem that in this at least, Chuth proves to be as good as her word, no other threats assail you on your way in.

The area is now dominated by a huge scaffold, hastily constructed, but braced by the rock where it counts. Thirty one elven children stand waiting for you, bound and gagged, with nooses around their necks. They appear to be unharmed for the most part, but there is too little slack in the ropes above them for them to break any necks. If they fall, it will be a slow and incredibly painful death.

Forewarned about the magical symbols, they're more easily spotted, two complicated runic circles on the wall near the entry, where they could not be seen before coming in.

The clay golem stands waiting for you, but there is no sign of either Chuth or Neronvain at present, even to Lawrance's enhanced vision.

Chuth's voice is then heard, though it seems to come from everywhere at once, she seems to purr a bit as you walk into the chamber, "See? The children are here, and unharmed, though that can change at any moment. Give the mask to the golem, and you will be allowed to walk out with the young ones unmolested. It is that simple."

Out of Character: Arcana check to ID the two circles. I request that people go ahead and roll initiative. Without the mask, there's no way of getting of getting out of this without a fight even if so inclined.

Battlemap has been updated for this scenario: Source 6j.

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